Complimentary therapy is used in many ways mainly to reduce the amount of stress that you have also to make a cancer patient feel better. Complimentary therapy is also used for symptom control. Below we have a variety of mind and body therapies including a list of complimentary therapies.

Most hospitals provide complimentary therapy such as Reflexology and Reiki.

Mind and body therapy

Mind and body therapies are extremely important tools for people dealing with cancer. Not only can they help you to cope with the day to day strain of living with the disease, they can also help you to deal with your treatment, improve your ability to relax and even help you to heal your body through the power of positive thinking. It is well known that the more stressed a person is, the more likely they are to become ill. Mind and body therapies can help you and your loved ones to feel less anxious about your cancer, improve your sleep patterns and help to reduce physical and emotional pain.

There are many different mind and body therapies available, below are some of the most useful techniques for people living with all types of cancer.


Meditation is a widely practised and ancient technique that is traditionally associated with Eastern religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism. Today however, meditation is used throughout the world by atheists as well as religious groups. One of the main aims of meditation is to achieve clarity of mind and a sense of inner peace. Many different types of meditation exist, including the more active kinds like Tai Chi, but meditation can be as simple as sitting quietly and focusing on the present moment, emptying your mind of all other distracting thoughts. This can help people with cancer to free their minds of negative emotions and many scientific studies have proven that regular meditation helps to lower your blood pressure and reduce levels of anxiety. Further information about the types of meditation available and classes you can join can be found here (Cancer research UK)


Hypnotherapy can be very useful to people who are finding it hard to cope with pain, stress or anxiety while living with cancer. Guided by a trained hypnotherapist, being hypnotised can help people to relax and escape from their conscious mind. Once hypnotised, the hypnotherapist can guide you to a more positive way of thinking about yourself and your cancer, which can help to relieve any painful symptoms you may be experiencing. Hypnotherapy can also help to lower your blood pressure as well as helping you deal with any depressive thoughts you may be experiencing as a result of having cancer. A trained hypnotherapist may also be able to teach you self-hypnosis so that you can use these techniques to help yourself on a daily basis.


Meaning ‘universal life energy’ in Japanese, Reiki is a healing art that was created by the Japanese doctor, Dr Usui, at the beginning of the 20th century. Reiki seeks to balance your internal and external energy fields, leaving you feeling very relaxed, calm and free of stress and worry. During a Reiki treatment, a professional practitioner will move their hands on or above your body in slow and sweeping motions in order to manipulate your energy fields. Many cancer patients find that regular Reiki sessions help them to relax and may reduce their experience of pain. The only side effect of Reiki is that is may leave you very thirsty, drinking plenty of water afterwards is advised.

Power of the mind therapy

All of the therapies above can be used to promote positive thinking. The well known phrase ‘a healthy mind equals a healthy body’ is a very important mantra for cancer patients. Stress, anxiety and negative thinking can all hinder the healing process so it is important to try and remain as relaxed and positive as possible when receiving treatment for cancer.

The Journey by Brandon Bays

The Journey is a healing process created by Brandon Bays who believes she healed herself of a large, basket ball sized tumour in just 6 and a half weeks through the power of positive thought alone. Her book ‘The Journey: A powerful guide to healing your life and setting yourself free’ explores her self-help method of healing and offers practical advice on how to help yourself to get healthy. The Journey has also evolved into a series of workshops and retreats that are available globally. The process aims to educate you about the power of positive thinking which can be used to heal you of any illness or trouble which you may have. More information can be found on Brandon Bays website.