Here at Bowel Cancer Support UK we aim to offer as much support as possible whether it be emotional support over the phone or interactive support using our websites forum. It may be as much as a simple question like “can you help me find my nearest centre for clinical trials.” Either way we are here to support you in every way.

Another type of support we aim to do is to get groups of bowel cancer patients together in different areas across the UK so that they can each talk about their journey. We believe getting together similar age groups of people with bowel cancer that live locally could really help an individual through their tough times and could give each other advice on what could be life changing for someone.

We also have support for partners and carers too as they also need support so they can support you.

If you would like to find out when your nearest support network meeting is or to set up a support network meeting in your area then please contact a member of our team where they would be happy to help. Alternatively meetings can be made on the forum and also on our facebook page.

Call: 020 3685 3924


We would like to thank empgroup who have supported us in kindly donating the sites images to the charity.