Bowel cancer is on the rise and we aim to try and make as many people see the sign’s not turn a blind eye to them. We aim to raise as much awareness and give as much support as we can simply by checking out the signs section on the website or by letting a member of our team come to your work place, organisation or event and set up a seminar were we can get everyone involved and really get them thinking and aware.

If you would like this at your workplace speak to a member of our team who would be happy to assist you in organising this.

Just because Bowel Cancer Support UK is aimed at young adults (20’s, 30’s & 40’s) doesn’t mean that we would ever turn down a chat with you just because you’re over 50 we would be happy to help. We believe that there is lots of help out there for the over 50’s that the young adults need that little bit extra.

Here at bowel cancer Support UK we have a team, not of medically qualified doctors and nurses but of people who have been touched or lost a loved ones to bowel cancer and have a good understanding how you feel and share the emotions that you are going through, who can then advise the individual on the help available out there. We also have support for your partners and carers as they will also need support so that they can support you.

Other services that we also provide at Bowel Cancer Support UK are;

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